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Rachel Knight Avon Sales Leader Hi, My name is Rachel and I am a full time mummy to a lively cheeky little boy who is my whole world. I love being an AVON representative. I can work from home and spent time with my little fella, as well as meet new people and earn some great money and bonus rewards. Sign up to AVON today and...

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Join my team and become an Independent Avon Representative
Whether you’re looking to meet new people, try Avon products or build your own business, we’ll make it our mission to help you achieve it.

Open the door to a world of exciting and innovative products, exclusive discounts and endless opportunities
Unlock your potential with flexible earning that you can control. To get you started in your 1st campaign, you’ll be able to earn 20% from the get go.
Plus, sell over £160 to secure 25% discount in your next. You could also receive exclusive benefits when you’re one of our top performers.
Your business is our business. We’ll get you off to a flying start with tons of training and support.

You’ll be given access to a dedicated training area called ‘My Avon Training’ where you can look at training guides and tutorials to help get you started and build your business.
There are so many ways to sell Avon. Whether it’s online, through social media or with our brochures, you’ll find a way that’s right for you.

Fitting Avon around your lifestyle and spending as little or as much time as you like.
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